Soccer Cleat Exchange Program


We are so excited to announce a new program to our club members! Soccer Cleat Exchange Program! Bring a pair (or 2 or 3), grab a pair! Players out grow their cleats often between Fall and Spring and constantly replacing can get pricey. Pay it forward and donate your gently used cleats for another RFC player. You do not have to donate to take a pair. Anyone within the club is eligible to participate.

We will have totes at practices this week. Feel free to bring your old cleats to get us started. Please tie laces together to keep shoes together.

We will also accept gently used shin guards! Rubber bands will be provided in totes to bundle together.

Our only stipulation with the program is that you never sell a pair for your own profit on any sale sites or personally. Pay it forward!

OUR TOTES ARE ALMOST FULL ALREADY! If you have any totes to donate we would be greatly appreciative of some more totes to store items.